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Bones For Life® teaching an exercise process in CHAIRS



What’s the trouble with sitting?


BONES FOR LIFE® with CHAIRS – A program for facilitating function through Alignment, Pressure and Rhythm and cultivating strength through weight-bearing posture.

Created by Ruthy Alon, based on Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ approach to somatic learning.

For some, the sitting position is that momentary relief from pain that occurs when walking or the position that provides comfort and rest when one’s standing endurance is poor. For many of us, sitting is a large part of our job such as the professional or student. It is part of the commute to and from work, our position during entertainment (Social Media, Emails, Movies and TV), our means of travel and community socialization (eating, sharing coffee, a good cup of tea or drinks with friends). However, over the last 10 years, the research regarding excessive sitting has accumulated and has been linked to a host of health problems. It seems that not only may sitting may be very bad for our health but it may impact our life expectancy too.

But what if sitting could be used as a dynamic opportunity to shift from a position that degenerates to a position that facilitates whole body wellness? Bones for Life® with CHAIRS does just that and more! Using short, practical and simple movement processes done in a chair and/or seated leaning into a wall, the Bones for Life® CHAIRS program can help you release accumulated tension, improve mobility, balance and coordination, develop healthier habits and body awareness allowing for easier sit to stand, comfortable standing and walking that is pleasurable

CEU Learning Objectives for Bones for Life® Chairs

  • Please see the Bones for Life Course Objectives which Apply to the BFL Chairs Program as well.
  • Recall 10 Processes that have been adapted to Chairs from the BFL Program.
  • Identify 5 Processes from the Chairs Program which can potentially Benefit those in our Culture who spend long hours in Chairs.
  • Experience how Sitting Posture can be impacted through the Alignment Processes presented in the Chairs Program.
  • Identify 2 Processes found in the Chairs Program that can help your patients develop a more streamlined Transmission of Force through the Foot and Leg to impact the Spinal Curves.
  • Describe the advantages and limitations of the Chairs Program for those with limited mobility.
  • Recall 2 new ways to use the BFL Wrap that are found in the Chairs Program and Identify which Clinical conditions could benefit from the use of the Wrap.
  • Identify 3 Diagnoses that you see Clinically that could potentially benefit from specific Processes in the Chairs Program.
  • Identify Movement Intelligence Strategies for getting Up and Down from Sitting that are found within the Chairs Program.
  • Describe how Tapping and other Strategies for using Pressure to Build Bone are found in the Chairs Program.
  • Articulate what the Chairs Program has to offer those patients who are unable to get Up and Down from the Floor.
  • Learn how with this Program Sitting in Chairs can potentially transform from a state of Static Fixation into Dynamic Movement Possibilities

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The ease of sitting up by Ruthy Alon

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What people are saying about Bones for Life®:

Bones for Life® is designed to help you find the most efficient way to move every day in every way. You will learn with easy movement lessons using ground forces to find strength, stability and flow for a happier life.

Bones for Life® is a powerful, dynamic, and fluid strategy for movement and posture.

Einstein said nothing happen until something moves. BFL makes that movement better.
Bones for Life® is a program of maintenance and “tune up” for the ones bones by realigning, educating, strengthening, and mobilizing all the joints to achieve efficient movement and safe posture.

Bones for Life® is a magical system that allows everyone the experience of recapturing their natural capacity for optimal posture, balance and coordination. This structural alignment leads to flexibility and adaptability of the body for functioning in daily living.

Bones for Life® is an ingenious system of explorations that reawaken your capacity to move powerfully and easily. Return to that sense of freedom you took for granted as child! Feel tall! Re-coordinate your joins from head to toes!