One Motion To Get Yourself
Out Of Pain!


So, what is TMR? Perhaps we should let the results speak for themselves. Check out this video:

Many people think pain and weakness come from a strength deficit? Absolutely not, it comes from a movement balance discrepancy. Imbalance can easily cause you misstep and fall. If you realign the imbalances of the body, strength instantly returns.

The results from Total Motion Release (TMR) Therapy can be interesting and surprising to you. Looking at the body as a whole and linked intimately together through our nervous system, we are an interrelated group of muscles, joints and connective tissue that is truly attached from our ear to our big toe. Our body is always and unconsciously adjusting for damage or threat of damage to our tissues. This adjustment results in the potential for imbalance. TMR Therapy uses a series of movements and positions to locate the imbalances that consistently reproduce pain, loss of strength and range of motion.

With TMR quick results can be achieved using 100% of the body, instead of just the area of injury... even areas you wouldn't expect to traditionally use. You'll be able to use the legs to fix arm pain and arms to fix leg pain. Opposite sides to fix injured sides. The left side to fix the right side, top of the body to fix the bottom of the body. The best secret you will find with Total Motion Release is the best way to correct a long-time chronic pain symptom or a recent injury is to shorten and lengthening tissues of the body at the same time. Using a variety of 7 body positions and specific movement patterns, i.e. pain-free motions, that allow the trunk, arm or leg to shorten the tissues in the painful area is key. Got right shoulder pain? Learn how the left leg or arm or even a trunk twist can relieve the pain and increase range of motion. Understand how doing step-ups on the right leg can improve pain in the left knee when walking up steps. It might not sound intuitive, but once you try it, you’ll be hooked and be able to self-treat many of the common aches and pains that stop you from moving freely.

At MontgomerySomatics, Total Motion Release can be used as an adjunct to all our other techniques or sometimes as a stand-alone treatment. Curious and would like to view more video before signing up? Visit the Total Motion Release website at to view more demonstration videos.


When you register for your free introductory lesson, you gain access to nine additional videos that demonstrate how Total Motion Release helps people find relief from low back, groin, sciatic, knee and shoulder pain.

Understanding even small inefficiencies in your habitual movement patterns can make a large impact on pain relief. If you want to achieve more freedom of movement and experience less pain, then sign up for our online class. Enrolling gives you access to step-by-step videos and free weekly coaching from me. We designed the class so that you can complete it at your own pace in the privacy of your own home or office. In order to take advantage of the 50% tuition discount, please enter the discount code “CarolTMR” when prompted.

Our Total Motion Release team is dedicated to helping you find the exact movements that will make a difference in immediate and local pain relief. We want to give you the tools that you need to treat the pain that occurs later in life. We’re so confident in this class that we know you’ll want to spread the word to help other people in pain. Here's to better movement, pain relief, and support!

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