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Integral Human GaitSM Theory
“Walking is man’s best medicine” – Hippocrates

Integral Human GaitSM theory—an integration of different viewpoints that collectively provide a map of gait, including forgotten and unexplored territories associated with gait.

Integral Human GaitSM
Gait is fundamental to our lives; at the heart of the human experience is the how of walking. It shapes our physical comfort, our sense of security, and our emotional well-being. Beyond the usual characteristics of the stance and swing phases of gait lies a more comprehensive map that goes beyond the established findings of physical medicine, rehabilitation, and sport training—a map that charts our relationship with gravity as it fluctuates between adversarial and allegiant. Carol Montgomery and her colleague, Cynthia Allen, have a name for this new map; they call it Integral Human GaitSM theory.

In the development of Integral Human GaitSM theory (IHG), we look to other fields of study in order to create a more cohesive and comprehensive picture of gait. In addition to the somatic field of education, we study contributions from the fields of osteopathy, physical therapy, anthropology, human potential, biomechanics, exercise science, human kinetics, and neuroscience. Because the way we walk impacts our well-being, human evolution, and global development, IHG helps people find their optimal gait.