Roberta Kroot

There is an enormous amount of confidence in the way you touch. I feel like I am totally in the right place for treatment. You absolutely inspire confidence and healing.

Therese Sandhage, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Computer Programmer and Consultant

I was in a continuing education workshop for massage therapists when I met Carol. Impressed, I took her Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement class and I was even more impressed with the results I felt. Then I decided to have a personal session, my positive experience blew me away. I have always had a problem with my patella moving out of place and when it did, it was always debilitating for several days or weeks. Something changed in me after that personal session, because the next time the patella dislocated I was able to get back up and walk away without pain or weeks of disability. And I had never been able to do that before. My session with Carol helped me to understand that it was the aligning of the bones that was the key to my positive experience. Also, she was able to help me sleep through the night on my right side without any challenges at all, which is something I had not been able to do without pain. That blew me away again. I realized that the reason I had stopped sleeping on my right side in the first place was out of habit and avoidance of right knee pain. In one session, Carol taught me how I could get out of that habit (what were the moves or movements I could use at home) and sleep again on my right side. Because of my positive experiences with her, I could understand what my problem was, how I could help or hinder my problem. Carol became a trusted resource and inspired me to become a Feldenkrais Practitioner. I was so thankful to have her as a mentor. I have learned a lot from her and in my Feldenkrais training, I KNOW, there is nothing we cannot undo in our bodies if we are willing to let go of something. And that something is different for each person and each situation.

Laurel W.

You genuinely care about my health and me as a person not just a diagnosis or a disease. You are excellent in what you do, as my body can speak to that; less pain, more movement, more function. I feel like I am getting the best there is when I work with you. I have learned so much from you, the side of medicine that you don’t get from a physician. You give another perspective. You help me understand how the body works and how emotional and spiritual health play a part in how the body heals. You have helped me understand how all the parts are connected together and have taught me how to help myself, both physically and emotionally.

Karen C. Hospice Nurse, Wife, Grateful Mother and Grandmother

The first time I saw you I was impressed because you did not have the “one size fits all approach” for treating back pain issues. Our medical world is so fixed on “this is your symptom, this is your diagnosis, this is your pill”. You were different and took the time to look at me and figure out what would be the best treatment for me. Our sessions were always evolving and not a static treatment. Helping me see past my pain and disability you empowered me and I came to know that I could cope and co-exist with pain. I know when I do “my little bag of Carol Tricks”, I even have days where I forget that I have this severe scoliosis and pain. People in my situation, it is easy to feel helpless. As a nurse, I knew what was happening: Pain, loss of function, depression, helplessness, more loss of function, more pain, etc. Knowing the cycle made me even more angry and I just couldn’t get out of it: smoke more, eat more, don’t move because of pain, gain weight, don’t move and then repeat it over and over again. It was like a big chain and I didn’t have the bolt cutter. You had the bolt cutter. People are put in our pathway to help us and it is up to us to recognize these people. You are one of those “people”. I have been able to return to a profession that I love after YEARS of disability, I have lost over 100 pounds and continue to work-out and strengthen the patterns of my curves that need it the most. I want you to know that in my work as a nurse specializing in hospice care, every time I am comforting someone who is dying or a family member, helping them manage a symptom, walking into a patient’s room and making a difference in their life, you are with me and everyone who has supported me is with me. I want you to know you are making a difference in these people’s life. And without you I could not be making a difference. Thanks.

Phil G., Gait for Wild Human Potential Workshop Participant

Carol has this compassionate and unconditional approach to teaching that allows her to let go of any particular agenda and be with her students in an open way. I am always talking about her gait workshop explaining the counter rotation concepts. Understanding the depth of human gait is missing in yoga. Carol provides such a clear and in-depth understanding of gait that is not provided elsewhere. It allows walking to be not just a natural activity but a real pleasure. My chest feels uplifted and I feel happiness. The clarity is in the knowing that all things are not just connected. She teaches “how the connections relate together”: This has made all the difference in me finding my best physical and energy alignment in my body.

Glenda H., Speech Pathologist

As a speech pathologist, I had attended the Physical Therapy evaluation that Carol performed on my patient. I was able to witness her accomplish in 45 mins significant changes in my patient’s function and I thought: “this is someone who cares AND is good at what they do”. So I knew right there that day that I needed to see her. Carol is a holistic practitioner who goes out of her way to help and sees a patient as a “whole” person. With the recent amputation of my leg, my life changed radically. It is overwhelming when you don’t know what is going to be “normal”. Carol has helped me find my “wholeness and a new normal” on so many levels physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Mary Helen P., Educator and Athletic Director

I fell three times in less than 8 months. The last time I was walking forward and looking over my right shoulder and fell really hard. Since then I have felt so unsteady. Only 56 and I was feeling like I was 76. Just after one session with Carol, I felt so much better (less pain and more confidence in standing, walking and climbing) and was clear on what I could do to help myself get out of foot, knee and back pain. Her teaching style of using skeletal models gave me a better understanding of how everything in the body is related and works together. I really understand now that it is just not exercising that makes the difference, it is how I am doing the exercise that matters.

Barney Quick, Musician and Writer

My sessions with Carol helped me to move beyond the postural aches and pain I would get when I played my guitar so that now I am able to channel my music freely and fully.

Elise Caruso Foster, Author of the Multiplier effect: Tapping the Genius in Schools

So fortunate to have Carol Montgomery as a trusted Physical Therapist. She delivered on what it was I came to her for: pain relief and an understanding of why is this happening. Where so many health professionals treat the symptom to heal, she is masterful at finding root cause so it’s not likely to happen again AND you heal. It is very clear that she knows how to make a difference in a person’s life. Intentional about forming a working relationship with clients, i.e. who am I, what are some of the other things going on in my life that can be influencing my problem, etc. She is able to recognize my capacity and is tuned to what I needed.

Cathy B.

From my first meeting with Carol I could tell that she was really willing to listen to me and help me and even today, I do those movements she taught me to relieve my neck pain. Carol is so generous with her time and knows how to build a team and healing resource community. She also led me to other people, this eventually increased my support team, my healing community and that has made all the difference to me.

Lorraine Vacketta, Pilates Instructor

You are not like other physical therapists. You are very knowledgeable and go beyond the basics of rehabilitation. You have a gift of being able to look at a person, understand their body and know what it might be that could help that person. I think when you look at me, you see the “whole” me. You have a number of approaches and give me a number of choices and suggestions. I like the approach: “let’s see if this small thing will make a difference”. You give me a measure of trust and confidence with all the training methods and education you have had. I also feel that if you thought I needed someone else’s help, you could steer me in the right direction.

Andrew R. Heimann, AP, LAc, MSTOM

When you touch or move me, you have that experiential knowledge in additional to the technical or theoretical understanding of movement – healing is not just a concept to you. You convey the experience that no matter what is going on inside,” it is all ok”. When you work on me, I have an understanding that although you are really, really skilled, you can assess where I am and what I need to do to move to the next place. When you touch my joint, you are not trying to move me to an ideal or theoretical state. You are feeling what my capacity is and what needs to happen. You take me through a process that helps me understand and feel myself. For me, it feels like a transmission. Developmentally it is what is supposed to happen for a child in order to become a human being.

Alberta R.

I was so emotional the day I saw my doctor: suffering with terrible neck pain, sleeping 2-3 hours/night, pacing the floor, no relief from cold/heat; loss of functional and social interactions and inability to take pain meds. Because of the experience my doctor had had with you, he suggested that I try and see you. And I have been so thankful ever since, because you, out of all the people and things I have tried have helped me the most. My quality of life was zulch/bad. My sessions with you got me sleeping thru the night again because I didn’t have that horrible pain. I was even able to go back to playing golf and you got me into Pilates with a safe and quality instructor that you trusted.

Laura Guyer, Training Resource Group, Organizational Development Consultant

The gateway for me in choosing a provider is someone that I trust and love refers me to someone and from there I am able to use my own judgement. So once we began to work together, I saw the tangible results of your expertise and my friend’s recommendation was validated. As is my work in organizational development, the same holds true in the wellness industry. There is a mythology that there is one answer, one intervention that heals. What makes impact in a person’s life is exquisitely tailored and the ecology of those interventions is very fragile. We say, ‘Oh if we just make this sustainable, oh if we just create local ownership, like there is some silver bullet that can be replicated in every country and in every culture, that is an absolute fallacy. And so it is in the wellness industry ‘Oh if you just do A,B,C then you will have good health, you will manifest wealth, you will have this and you will have that’. The only question there is for me is: do you have someone you can trust who can tailor some kind of support, wherever you are in the journey, and know what it takes to give you relief, and help you to learn to take care of yourself? Carol Montgomery has been that someone for me. I have infinite trust and confidence: in her compassion, empathy, knowledge, sense of humor and appreciation of how our work together has changed me for the better, and, I don’t mean just physical, but all 4 dimensions/quadrants of power: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Carolyn F. A person first, a disease second

It’s been four years since the Parkinson’s Disease (PD) diagnosis. I still haven’t accepted it fully; the brain does but the heart – not yet. I’ve seen a General Practitioner (GP) and 3 neurologists. All prescribe medicine and just measure my tremor progress. NO ONE EVER suggested physical therapy (PT), just vague suggestions to “stay active”. Finally the GP sent me to physical therapy because of muscle spasms in my back. Related to, or caused by PD? I worked for several weeks with a wonderful PT who helped my back tremendously. She noticed and questioned my posture. I had not realized she didn’t know about my PD diagnosis. She recommended Carol Montgomery and arranged a meeting. The magic began! My pain is less, my posture improved; my balance is getting better and better. Carol has shown me all kinds of ways to cope with PD. I am doing ALL kinds of things I didn’t think I could. Most of all, my attitude has improved. I’m actually happy again because I know I am improving and fighting against PD. I don’t have to give up or give in. Carol talks about “my world” with a neurological difficulty. I know I can deal with “my world” now. I hope all PD patients find their own Carol Montgomery to help them win their battle.

Nancy Hankins, Owner Studio Fit and ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Carol has added a real depth to my teaching - most significant is how to help my clients develop the subtle awareness in body position, not just for safety of the joints but also to insure the integrity of the exercise in the moment and how it is working throughout the exercise. Just the slightest change sometimes in position really changes the exercise. Carol has taught me to think of the functionality of movement hidden in all my exercise moves.

Traci Pfannenstiel Owner Awaken Yoga Studio and Yoga Instructor

Carol has taught me how to observe, integrate, respect and honor all movement without strain or motive. She has inspired me to find the harmonious unity of movement and peace within my yoga practice.

Cindy S.

“I am finding my spine more flexible, my alignment better, my hips more level, my feet more in touch with the ground, my breathing deeper.”

2015 National Senior Health & Fitness Day

"Carol Montgomery's presentation was excellent! I like that you could have been any age to benefit from the information." "Carol Montgomery's presentation was very interesting and easy to follow her directions." "We want Carol back next year!"

Christine Fisher, MD

"As opposed to muscles and bones person, you have a full understanding of how the psychology meets with the physical meets with the spiritual and I think if you do not have the full mind, body, spirit connection you can’t depart the same degree of help to any person. You are the only provider that I have every met that has ever done that. That is why your treatment modalities are the most successful. "

Ellen Soloway, GCFP, Movement Intelligence Trainer, Child Space Coach

"You have a lot of knowledge on anatomy and gait from the point of view of science. It is the difference of knowing the movement as a straight line or sensing the movement move through the 'architecture of all joints' involved. How movement in certain aspects of a joint will have a different response not only locally but globally,. This is your strength. You Carol, know the shape and the form of joints. You know it from the inside and out and have a 3-D reality in your mind."

Jane Hewitt, GCFP

“I appreciate Carol's enormous body of knowledge, her use of oral and visual explanations, and her awareness and consideration of each participant. This Bones for Life® Segment with Carol is the best continuing education workshop I've ever attended.”

Kathryn Glover

"You have this gift of being able to see a real clarity. You are listening so well to what people are saying to you and you can see things that they can't. The exercises that you have taught me have been so helpful and I know that if I have a problem (pain) that I can go back and do them consistently for a few days and I can get out of a problem (pain)"