Bones for Life®

BONES FOR LIFE – A program for facilitating function through Alignment, Pressure and Rhythm and cultivating strength through weight bearing posture. Created by Ruthy Alon, based on Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ approach to somatic learning

Bones for Life® is a comprehensive movement-based program for the health of the skeletal system. The Bones for Life® program offers a new way of thinking about movement at both the personal and professional level; it involves rewiring our brain to change inefficient habits in our postures and in our ways of movement. The strategies learned provide an entirely new experience of movement using the skeletal and muscular anatomy allowing deeper insights into the inter-connectedness or “domino-like”transmission of weight bearing forces. Bones for Life® program teaches effective self-treatment strategies to safely transmit weight bearing forces from head to toe without the compression, or loss and deviation that can come from our naturally acquired habits due to old injuries, disease states or chronic areas of immobility. Throughout the Bones for Life® program we work to recreate the body’s capacity for weight-bearing and dynamic walking with a rhythm and spring intended to offset gravity and enhancing mobility. The basic building blocks of Bones for Life® not only increase the liveliness of our day-to-day activities but actually create a stronger foundation for our supporting frame, and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Bones for Life for Seniors -  3 powerful minutes

Bones for Life: In The Words of Seniors

Bones for Life

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What people are saying about Bones for Life® :

Bones for Life® is designed to help you find the most efficient way to move every day in every way. You will learn with easy movement lessons using ground forces to find strength, stability and flow for a happier life.

Bones for Life® is a powerful, dynamic, and fluid strategy for movement and posture.

Einstein said nothing happen until something moves. BFL makes that movement better.

Bones for Life® is a program of maintenance and “tune up” for the ones bones by realigning, educating, strengthening, and mobilizing all the joints to achieve efficient movement and safe posture.

Bones for Life® is a magical system that allows everyone the experience of recapturing their natural capacity for optimal posture, balance and coordination. This structural alignment leads to flexibility and adaptability of the body for functioning in daily living.

Bones for Life® is an ingenious system of explorations that reawaken your capacity to move powerfully and easily. Return to that sense of freedom you took for granted as child! Feel tall! Re-coordinate your joins from head to toes!